Book Launch & Tour

Artisans by Design: An Odyssey of Education for Textile Artisans in India

Judy Frater- with Photos by Nevada Wier
Schiffer Publishing Ltd – October 28, 2024.

The Book

Artisans by Design chronicles the journey of developing the first design school for artisans in India and fifteen years of artisans learning design. Spanning 50 years, the story is told in vignettes of artisans who were part of the journey, intertwined with the author’s story. Through this dialogue, the reader experiences what happened, how and why, and what its impact has been on traditional artisans in the contemporary world.

A rare, intimate portrayal of artisans, the book offers personal connections to people usually glimpsed from a distance and insights into tradition, craft, and the creativity of traditional artisans. It provides textile afficionados and people concerned with sustainability an authentic, fresh approach to development, illuminates sustainability as cultural heritage and presents development as human centered.

Launch and Tour

To celebrate, Frater and two artisan design graduates will hold a series of events during November 2024.

  • Illustrated panel talks on the Odyssey of Education for Artisans of Kutch
  • Workshops on weaving and bandhani (tied resist dyeing)
  • Trunk shows of textiles designed and created by design graduates

Watch this space for venues and dates!