Moving on…..

It was not an easy decision to leave people with whom I have worked with over two decades, doing work that I loved, and in a place that I have called home.  I pondered it for months and had a few sleepless nights.  I leaned on many trusted friends- you know who you are, and I am eternally indebted.

But for me, the utmost importance is to insure that the initiative of design education that I began lives on and grows in the spirit in which it was conceived.  After good, hard tries, I did not believe this would be possible within the current structure of Kala Raksha.

God really is great.  As I was pondering what to do, I met the Chariman of a Trust with long, respected experience in the field of education.  He wanted to begin an educational institution in Kutch.  After considered discussion, he offered me the position of Founding Director of the first institute within the larger institution.  And he said, “We’ll have fun.”  Fun!  It had been missing in my life for some time.

So, with deep regret I submitted my resignation from Kala Raksha, as Director of Kala Raksha Vidhyalaya, Project Coordinator of Kala Raksha Trust, and as a Trustee.

I have enjoyed over twenty years working with Kala Raksha, beginning with co-founding the organization in 1993. During that time we forged many important innovations for craft and artisans: the establishing of the Kala Raksha museum, the pricing committee system, an integrated health and basic education program, the development of a line of narrative art, and most of all, launching design education for artisans.  The impact of these initiatives has given me immense satisfaction. I enjoyed friendship and support, and many opportunities to learn and grow.  I will always have Kala Raksha’s best interests in my heart and remain ready to consult with and promote the organization in its genuine best interests.

However, after twenty years it is time to move on.  I sincerely hope the change will result in the best for the artisans, members of Kala Raksha, and me.

My goal now is to realize the potential for design education for artisans.  Look for news of the institute in which we will work to fulfill this goal.